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How To Install 1955-1959 Chevy Truck Windshield Weatherstrip

1955-1959 Chevy Truck

1955-1959 Chevy Truck

 Hello friends. Today we're going to show you how to install a WBL 407 GM windshield gasket. It fits a 55-59 GM full size truck. Check our website for complete make, model, year information. If you have chrome trim in your gasket WBL 407 GM will not workyou need a WCR 407 GM. The main difference in the installation is that you need to put the chrome in your gasket before you put the glass into your vehicle. In any glass installation we highly recommend you have a class professional install your glassthey're familier with the AGRSS standards and they have all the tools and products needed for proper installation. Today we're installing this gasket to show you the fit and finish of the Precision part. Greg's going to be helping me today. Greg what tools are gonna need for this job: Today we will be using the windshield stick, a phillips screwdriverhook toolutility knifenylon rope, the glass handlersand safety gloves.

Step by Step 1955-1959 Chevy Truck Windshield Weatherstrip Installation

The first thing we need to do is remove these wiper arms and a good thing to do here is take a picture and note the angle that their at so you can match them up when we put them back on. The way you need to do this is push down right here in your thumb and pull up right here their finger and rock back and forth and pull upthey are on splines We're gonna cut away this gasket now that helps you to save this piece of glass if you want to reuse itand Greg is going to get started on that. Greg why don't you explain what you're doing here. What we're going to do is take the utility knife, there's a contour line in the gasket we're going to cut along just below that linelength wise and we're gonna come back, there may be some sealant here that will hold the gasket in place. So what he's doing is cutting above the edge of the glass and underneath the gasket but below the pinch weld so you don't damage your paint. What we're doing is exposing the top edge of the glass.

1955-1959 Chevy Truck

 Now we're ready to remove the glass we have the glass exposed after cutting away the gasket. We have some glass handlers here to help us, otherwise you can come from the inside push it out In order to do the installwe're gonna have to remove this trim piece here that's held on by two screws one on each end. Now we have the screws removed we can take of this trim panel held on by series of metal clips Our weatherstrip installation tool works pretty wellyou need to push in and pry up. They're just a friction fit. The clip may well stay in the housing but can be removed and re-installed into the trim.

If the clip does come out of the molding there are cut outs on the molding to put these back in. Insert one in and slide it along and then place it in the molding where it needs to be. To be are using the old windshield or in a clean of any leftover residue from the silicone or whatever their previous owner did here.

We're installing the gasket now. One thing you need to know is the orientation, so you may want to take pictures or make mental notes on how was in the vehicle, but the big larger flap here goes towards the inside of the truck and then the joint through the corners you want them right about an inch from the corner itself where it flattens out. We'll start putting it on.

 Now we're going to get to this side it should land about the same area. If it does not, what you will have to do is remove this section and slide it over the bottom of the gasket.

Now what we're going to do is to stop water from entering the truck were going apply sealant on this finned area of the gasket.

You don't want to put too much as it will get all over the truck.

1955-1959 Chevy Truck

Next step is to put the rope into the groove that goes along the pinch weld and we have a quarter inch nylon rope here. Greg's going to put in. Now we'll start this in the center and the glass it doesn't necessarily matter then we'll take the hook tool on just kinda guide that rope into the gasket groove all the way around When you get to the end, what you'll want to do is cross one rope under the other and then when you start to install into the truck this will pull the whole gasket and rather than leaving a peace that doesn't come over the pinch weld. Now we're ready to install the glass into the truck bring to glass up then we'll let this rope excess rope flop over onto the dash.

We won't try to install it at this point I'm just going to get inside and take a look and center it from side to side now when we're installing the gasket on to the glass we illustrated that there's an extra lip we need to bring into the cab first. Use the hook tool to bring that around this is not the groove that the rope went in, this is a different interior lip on the gasket. Bring you side in Jeff. Now as far as centering goes you want to make sure that this gasket is against the pinch weld and then both sides that this gasket's inner lip is about the same area on both sides to make sure its center okay now that we have our windshield centered in the opening were going to start pulling the rope in installing the glass and as you see because I overlapped that ropepull the rest of the gasket in.

The best technique is to pull right up along the glass to bring that lip right over the pinchweld As you can see it's coming right over work this around the corner here I'm holding pressure with my other arm on the outside, slight pressure. Now I'm going to cross here doing the same thing progress across put pressure on the outside of the glass to bringing it in. What we'll do is bring the bottom in Jeff, if you want to put pressure on the outside, flat handed.

Now we'll continue up the sides now in this area you can see that there's the extra lip by my thumbnailmake sure that's it's on the inside of the body. If that's not, it's going to hold you up from the gasket coming inside. As you can see, the rope is pulling clearly all the way into the truck I need some pressure up here. As you can see here, that lip did not come inside, so that will hold us up from installation. So we'll have to go back and pull this gasket in another technique is actually grab the gasket and give it a little pull inside and set that lip inside as you can see here we have a difference in the gasket where it's tight up against the interior here and further away This is the area you need to focus on need to make sure that the second lip is inside the truck Pushing on the outsideapplying extra pressure. Another thing you can do is put your hook tool and help assist the gasket around the bodybringing it in nice and flat. That's how your finished product on the inside should look. Next step here is to put the trim piece back in. Set it in and line up the clips that you can slide laterally. Make sure you line up to the slots.

Alright, so as you can see the sealant has come out between the the gasket in the body, now what we're going to do is seal between the glass and the gasket. Just the nozzle of the applicator goes in between the groove and apply the urethane. After going all the way around the glass you'll have excessso what you'll do is take a razor bladeand clean it off. Next and last step here is to put the wiper blades back on. This is where it's good to remember what angle the blades where. They'll slide right over the spindles.

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